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Remote Support

At MY WEBTEK we offer Remote Support Services in order to save you money. In fact, the only time a technician needs to come out to your location, is when hardware is physically broken or damaged. 


This translates directly in the form of higher IT costs. Rest assured that factored into these IT firm’s rates, are mileage and/or fuel fees, not to mention fees to cover their tech’s travel time. For example: One notable IT firm in Phoenix, AZ, charges a $50 minimum just to get a technician out to their customer’s site (it costs even more if you are out of their local region), plus a mileage fee, and then charges as much as $99-$165/hr for support.


Note: Not only does on-site support cost more, but it also costs the company providing the support as well. While technicians are busy traveling to and from locations, they spend less time resolving actual IT issues. This translates into longer wait times for their customers, as IT firms have fewer resources to handle their workloads.

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