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Product Procurement

Are you looking to make a hardware or software purchase? When you purchase through an Authorized Reseller (VAR), however, you almost always get better pricing, and you are dealing with someone who normally has a vast amount of technical knowledge. What this means, is that you know you're getting the right solution, to meet your company's individual needs. What's more, you get more options, because most Authorized Resellers sell more than just a single brand of hardware/software.


At MY WEBTEK, we pride ourselves on researching and quoting out the ideal solution for your company, both functionality-wise, and cost-wise. We have access to well over 5,200,000 products. We work with our customers to determine not only what they'd like, but what they need, and/or beyond.


For example, many servers come with a single power supply. Some people don't realize, however, that if a power supply dies, your server is down hard, until the power supply can be replaced. Servers are made, however, with what are known as "Redundant Power Supplies", which means that in the event one power supply fails, another is there to automatically take its place (meaning your server doesn't crash, and won't be down as a business, while you're shopping for a replacement part). The same type of redundancy is normally available for hard drives. It's known as RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). So in essence, if one hard drive fails, another (or multiple others) is/are there to take its place.


I'm referring, of course, to things like (1) redundancy - failover capabilities; (2) availability - uptime; (3) scalability - the ability to grow your server, network, etc...; (4) Performance - this one's pretty self-explanatory; and (5) Usability - "easy of use?".


It's easy to see the importance of making a purchase from someone who knows what they're talking about. Someone who's going to make the best recommendation, based on your needs and budget. And finally, someone who can take care of you. At MY WEBTEK, we stand behind our sales and our services. 

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