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Managed Services

The best thing to do in any business is to take a "Proactive Approach". Such an approach involves constant and repetitive monitoring of company assets, such as desktops, printers, servers, routers, firewalls, load balancers.


In addition, it involves trending, to forecast when hardware will no longer meet the demands being placed on it, so that preparations and/or purchases can be made ahead of time, thereby enabling a company to minimize down time (This will also minimize cost, as your company will be less likely to make a “Panic Purchase”, and over pay for replacement software and/or hardware). Finally, it involves identifying issues as soon as they rear their ugly heads. After all, the faster you respond to an issue, the less likely that issue is to negatively impact your business.


If up-time is essential to your business, and if this sounds like an approach you’d like to transition to, then MY WEBTEK has the perfect solution for you. It is called Managed Services, and it is something that we offer, and which we will tailor to your specific needs, business and/or industry. Using state-of-the-art technology, our My Metrics offering (a fully-hosted and staffed solution, powered by N-Central) will monitor your company’s real-time system and network performance, vulnerabilities, and security threats. On a monthly basis we will also assess and analyze trends (and deliver our findings in a formal report), showing you things like the average system resource consumption (i.e.; CPU, Memory, Disk space, etc…), account activity, potential security holes and/or security violations (or attempted violations). We will also provide a means for regular software and operating system patching, remote access, and so much more.


Our My Metrics program can automate nearly 100% of all preventative maintenance tasks. Things like disk defrags, checking Event Viewer logs, running Disk Cleanups, performing Temp file removals, Temporary Internet file removals, Cookie removals, checking on backups, checking on antivirus to ensure it's updating and scanning regularly (and that it doesn't find something it can't clean), watching the perimeter of your network (i.e.; whether someone's attacking your router), analyzing the amount of bandwidth sent across switch ports or through your router, and nearly everything else you can imagine. 

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