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Collocation and Hosting
Need redundancy to ensure your company’s up-time and/or success? MY WEBTEK offers collocation services that guarantee redundant power, redundant Internet, and a live person available 24x7, who can even reboot the servers if needed. 


We can provide any level of IT support from server support to networking, network security and beyond. We’re there when you need us, and we want your equipment to be there for you when you need it. Call and ask about our collocation services today!!! 


Note: We also offer managed collocation, which includes dedicated IT support, and/or collocation assistance, for help with setting up your remote branch office, data vaulting implementation, web sites, or anything else you decide to host or house in our secure, redundant environment.



Do you need a web site for your business, but don’t know what type of server to buy. Perhaps you don't know how to setup a web site? Perhaps you need temporary storage space, but can’t afford to set up your own FTP server. Maybe you want your own Email server, but can’t afford the software and licenses, let alone hiring a Microsoft Exchange Administrator to manage it?


If you find yourself identifying with any of these depictions, then hosting is the best option for you. Rather than purchasing a server for up to several thousand dollars, an operating system for up to $500 , a UPS for $300 or more, and up to $50 a month in bandwidth charges, not to mention a backup device and/or software; why not share space on one of our servers for a minimal charge? If you must have your own server, why not rent or lease to own a dedicated server, containing your choice of Memory,CPU and operating system.


Let us handle the backing up your data, or fixing quirky hardware or software. Let us handle redundant Internet and power needs,security for the site or server,gateway or host-based antivirus protection, SPAM Filtering needs, Firewall protection and/or Firewall management needs, and VPN management needs. Call and ask about our Hosting Services today!!!

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