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Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is basically defined as a hosted service that one company provides on behalf of another. Cloud Computing normally refers to Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS), Software-as-a-Service (Saas), or a Hybrid of the two.


Depending on the location of the solution that's hosting the actual service, you have either a "Public Cloud" or "Private Cloud" (Note: A Public Cloud refers to a solution hosted outside a customer's network, such as in a Data Center, for example. A Private Cloud would be a solution hosted within the customer's own network, but owned and maintained by the hosting provider, obviously. Hybrid Clouds are also possible here). Examples of Hardware-as-a-Service would include, hosted Phone Systems, Hosted Firewalls, Hosted Web Load Balancing, and so on. An example of Software-as-a-Service, would be Managed Services. And finally, examples of a Hybrid would include Thin Client Computing solutions, such as those built on Citrix XenApp (Presentation Server), and also hosted Server Virtualization, built on either VMWare or Citrix XenServer.It means you no longer have to worry about maintaing your own software or hardware.


Some of the types of Cloud Computing configurations we are able to provide: (1) Hosted Email, (2) Hosted Anti-SPAM, (3) Hosted Backups (Onsite and/or Offsite), (4) Hosted Citrix XenApp Server, (5) Hosted Web Server, (6) Hosted File Server, (7) Hosted SharePoint Server, (8) Hosted Load Balancing, (9) Hosted Link Balancing, (10) Hosted Linux Servers, (11) Hosted Firewalls, (12) Hosted VPNs, (13) Hosted Database Servers, and (14) Hosted Networking Configurations. Pretty much anything you can think of, we can build it into a Cloud Computing model. If you're interested in Cloud Computing, or would like more information, contact MY WEBTEK today!!!


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