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Mywebtek provides a wide range of IT services in and around Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Glendale, and Peoria. For Small Business Networks, experienced and certified technicians provide Network, Server, Computer, Laptop, Printer repair and support. We provide end to end IT solutions including Software development for small businesses according to the requirements.

Under Managed Services solution for Small Businesses, solutions are customized according to the need of the customers.

All of the devices such as Servers, Computers, Laptops, and Firewalls will be managed remotely. Reports will be sent weekly and monthly, which can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars by letting you know in advance, if an issue is going to arise, which can bring your whole network down. Most of the customer issues can be handled remotely, saving them time and money.

If you have data that is really critical, you need to have disaster recovery plan. Backup solutions that will save you in case your one main computer or whole network goes down for any reason. You need the data back fast and without any damage, that’s when someone in that situation understand the importance of data backup.

Many small businesses have suffered major losses because of losing data. If you think computers are really slow and not working properly, virus can be one main reason for this. Virus removal is done by our technicians with expertise, which could otherwise really damage a network. There are lots of tweaks and configurations in your computers that can be optimized to make your computers run really fast. Our experts can help you make decisions regarding your network and how to improve the performance of your network.

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