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About Us

MY WEBTEK is a Comprehensive IT Solutions Provider. What exactly does that mean? The answer is simple. Rather than having three or more phone numbers from which to call for IT support services, with MY WEBTEK, all you need is one. Regardless of your IT needs, we are more than capable of providing what you need, and at competitive prices. Do you like what you hear so far?

We believe that it shouldn't cost you a fortune to keep your business up and running, secure, and up to date, and we will work with you to ensure you get the best solution, within your own particular budget. Moreover, unlike other IT Firms and "consulting companies", we will not force product on you, nor will we steer you towards the purchase of high or over-priced hardware and software, that you may not necessarily want and/or even need. Furthermore, we are not in the practice of handing out proposals that equate to nothing more than a price tag.

Rather, we pride ourselves on taking the time to educate business owners, end users, and even other IT professionals, so that each may fully understand the reasoning behind a given proposal, and so that each can choose, with confidence, the right solution for their company's needs, not only based on price, but also based on performance, usability, scalability, and reliability.

Knowing what it takes to do the job, in the field, this individual went after like-minded individuals, who hold the same appreciation for continued education and mastery of all things IT, to form MY WEBTEK. And due to the insight of the company's founders, and the nature of how the company's infrastructure was designed, our coverage is able to extend from coast to coast, while still being able to offer quality workmanship at affordable prices.

We specialize in a broad range of design, integration, and support services, from the desktop to networking, from network security to disaster recovery, from policy management to project management, and far beyond.
Our experience, put to use, has led to the personal success of numerous different companies, in nearly all facets of business, and in businesses of varying sizes. Whether you have a home company network, small business, mid-sized business, or even enterprise-level company, MY WEBTEK is there for you, as your Comprehensive IT Solutions Provider!!!

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